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We offer a wide range of single-use solutions for the operating room environment, which guarantee maximum efficiency in the work of the healthcare professional, as well as optimal and respectful handling of the patient.


Know more about our blayco products for the operating room


We were the first to manufacture electrosurgical plates in Spain, and to this day, we continue to be the only ones. We have pregelled electrosurgical plates for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients, unipolar, bipolar, with cable and without cable.

Vein strippers

The single-use vein strippers are made entirely of polyamide, and with an average traction resistance of 25 Kg. They are available for the conventional extraction system and invagination extraction.

Covers for surgical light handle

Blayco surgical light handle covers prevent contact between the non-sterile light handle and the surgeon, preventing contamination of the surgical field.

Skin markers

Blayco skin markers for marking and selecting the incision area before or during the surgical procedure offer a long-lasting and practically odorless ink. In addition, they incorporate a 15 cm ruler.

Protective pads for surgical interventions

The Blayco-Pad protective pad consists of a breathable polyurethane foam coated with a medical grade acrylic adhesive, which is used primarily to prevent pressure ulcers.


We are manufacturers

In our production facilities in Barcelona area we have been manufacturing our products for more than 40 years, always under the strictest quality standards and in accordance with the 13485 standard for the manufacture of medical devices.